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Our approach to your startup idea doesn’t just stop with building a great mobile app or web app that users love. We go one step further to convert your mobile app ideas or web app ideas into a successful startup company.

Having a great product idea, the domain knowledge and the passion should be all it should take to successfully start your business but in reality, there are various other issues like budget and time constraints, hiring the right team, challenges with outsourcing and marketing your app that’s developed based on the dream of your mobile app ideas or web app ideas.

We empathize with your challenges and have developed effective processes to address these specific needs during the process of your web or mobile based startup software product.

Our Approach: IT Support Services

Enquire DevRabbit, IT support services provider for your mobile app ideas

Our initial goal is to build a prototype or MVP “Minimum Lovable Product” as quickly as possible and iterate multiple times using user feedback to develop an awesome product.

In addition, you can then take advantage of our expertise in app analytics to truly understand and gain key insights into who your users are and how they are using your app and make further enhancements to your app.

Our methodology: Agile Scrum

What happens once you contact us?

  1. We will evaluate your mobile app idea or web app idea and work with you to create a business model using our Business Model Generation tool.
  2. Work with you to scope the app.
  3. Provide a free quote.

Once you are ready to go:

  1. The first thing we will do is assign a dedicated product manager.

The product manager will not only lead the project from start to finish but will also be your point of contact throughout the project. You can contact him at any time, get updates, share concerns and get information. We promote transparency throughout our project.

  1. Next, our highly experienced UX experts will develop a high fidelity mock-up for your app and perform A/B testing.
  2. Next, our highly experienced enterprise application development team will build the app using Agile software development methodology. We use Agile methods since it helps us embrace change based on user feedback and keep us flexible and efficient throughout our process.
  3. Launch your mobile app on the app store and google play stores.
  4. Use app analytics to gain valuable insights and iterate on your app.

Product Support – IT Consulting Services

Until you reach a critical mass of users, we can provide IT support services in areas including:

      1. Call center services
      2. Bug fixes, small enhancements
      3. System Maintenance

Reach us for IT Services for your Startup

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DevRabbit – IT Support Consulting Services Provider

DevRabbit’ IT Support Services team has developed over 50 startup software applications & product-based solutions on mobile, web and cloud platforms. In fact, we have bootstrapped our way up by dedicating ourselves completely to startup application development and IT consulting solutions. YES! We understand you and your needs in terms of budget and time constraints. We empathize with your outsourcing challenges and difficulties. We believe in your tech startup idea and concept. Why? Because we have been working on turning Ideas into successfully running Startup Mobile Apps throughout our existence.

Being the experts in the field of software development, MVP product development, redesigning as well as porting; you can expect quality, professionalism and perfection from our side. Because we wish to see your software app ideas and app development vision come to life and mark it’s name in this extremely competitive marketplace. Take advantage of our IT Consulting Support expertise and get on the exciting journey of startup app development.