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Mobile App Development Services Overview

The onset of mobile devices and mobile application development has necessitated advances in mobile application testing techniques and tools. With the vast number of devices available, mobile application testing on supported devices is often a challenge.

Mobile application testing
  • More than 10 Mobile Platforms
  • 15+ leading Mobile Manufacturers
  • More than 100 Application Stores

Mobile Application Trends

Project resource Project
  • Mobile Application Trends
  • Apps are Where it’s At
  • Mobile Users are Social
  • Business are behind the curve
  • Ads, Applications & SMS Drive
  • Value Added Services Downloads
  • Media Sharing
  • Mobile Games
  • Video

Mobile Application Testing Challenges and Success Factors

App testing challenges
  • Diversity of the Device Environment (OS, Size, Resolution)
  • Hardware Configuration & Network Related challenges (Memory, WAP )
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Non Standard Testing Practice
Success Factors
  • Use of emulators and actual devices
  • Testing of mobile environment complexity
  • Testing of mobile Application complexity
  • Use of test automation

Mobile Application Testing – Software Testing Services Activities

  • Understand the network architecture and device landscape before venturing into selenium automation testing or manual software testing
  • Conduct testing in uncontrolled real world field condition (Field based testing if required)
  • Use Right Automation tool for success of selenium automation testing program which supports all platform, size, resolution and input method
  • Check for end to end functional flow in all possible platform at least once
  • Conduct performance, UI, Security and Compatibility testing using actual devices, emulators
  • Measure performance in realistic conditions of wireless traffic and user load
  • Prepare Metrics for all possible combination and perform testing