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Cross platform mobile app development

Standard Approach
  • Expensive to staff multiple platform-specific teams.
  • Expensive to maintain multiple code bases.
  • Slows innovation.
Xamarin Approach
  • Xamarin exposes 100% of the native APIs for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Use one team, one code and one set of tools, optimizing budget.
  • Accelerate time to market with 60-100% shared code across platforms.
  • Scale for ongoing maintenance, iteration and new technology.


To succeed you need a cross platform mobile app development platform that helps you:

Xamarin Mobile App Development
Accelerate time-to-market
Transform your team into mobile experts
Re-use and share code across device platforms
Xamarin Consultants
Ensure App Adoption
Deliver native, high-performance apps
Automate functional testing on hundreds of real devices
Hire Xamarin Developer
Resolve Issues Quickly
Monitor apps for crashes and exceptions
Analyze crash analytics & user data for faster fixes and better support
Xamaring Consulting Company
Future-Proof Investments
Add new device OS features & extend to new platforms easily
Stay always up-to-date


Comparison: Xamarin Mobile Application Development Options

Xamarin app development

Xamarin—A Complete Cross Platform Mobile App Development Solution

Xamarin Platform

DevRabbit Xamarin Developer Approach

Xamarin Consulting Patner
Professional Xamarin mobile application development services from mobile experts to help you deliver multy devices friendly great Xamarin apps on time

  • Design and architecture
  • Proof of concept
  • Code review and optimization
  • Test Automation
  • Full lifecycle best practices

Xamarin Case Studies – Deep Integrations

Drive Brand Loyalty with MyBosch App

Xamarin Applicatiion Case Study


  • Deliver innovative mobile app targeted at hundreds of thousands of users in time for largest consumer show in Europe – IFA
  • App had to be technically perfect – a reflection of BSH’s commitment to precise engineering


  • On time delivery of beautiful app

Cutting Edge features

  • Interactive Manuals
  • Spare parts ordering
  • Appointment schedule with service providers
  • User recommendations
Xamarin Case Study

Fully Integrated Native Mobile CRM

Cross Platform Mobile App Development Case Study


  • Transform sales process with mobile CRM solution
  • Gain sales rep adoption
  • Enable realtime collaboration
  • Full backend integration with Sitecore CMS & Salesforce


  • Revolutionary 3D User Interface
  • High adoption rates by enterprise users
  • Significantly increased close rates and a 50% reduction in sales cycle time
  • High customer satisfaction rates
Xamarin Developer Case Study